Vasectomy Reversals

Welcome to The Dawson Microsurgery Clinic.

At the Dawson microsurgery clinic we specialise in vasectomy reversals exclusively. To provide the best results in the UK we use the most advanced microsurgical technique (the MMMV), developed by Professor Goldstein at New York’s Cornell University. The MMMV or Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical vasovasostomy is the world’s gold standard procedure. 

The clinic was founded in 1994 by Dr Dawson.  After performing more than 2000 reversals and having  helped to create literally many hundreds of new lives and happy families, Dr Dawson has retired. 

The clinic and the team has moved to a new clinic in Stockton on Tees and the service is currently led by     Mr Manohar Jesuraj, Consultant Urological surgeon. We continue the same style and philosophy of care which is putting you at the centre of our attention. We continue to provide excellent support for the partners when attending for the operation.

Telephone Consultation 

Our contact with you will usually start with a free, 'No obligation' telephone consultation and we will discuss you needs and assess your situation as much as we can. Based on the assessment, we would be able to recommend the options and alternatives. We will also send a summary of consultation and some other information. You are entirely free to choose your further course of action. If you decide  to go ahead with the vassectomy reversal, we will be able to book  a date most of the times.

Face to Face Consultation   

Getting the facts about reversal can be a confusing experience (even amongst doctors!). We will be pleased to help you through the minefield of information and mis-information with honest straightforward guidance. If you prefer to have a face to face consultation that can  last up to an hour, the fee is just £150. This fee will be deducted from the procedure cost if you decide to go for treatment with us. 

FEES - there are no hidden or extra costs. A detailed information leaflet will be sent to you before booking.

One fee covers procedure and follow up advice for as long as like!

No extras to pay, our fees are £2450 are all inclusive for the procedure. There is a small supplement for more challenging  re- do reversal. Please contact the clinic for details and consultation. 

call us on
01642 939798

The Dawson MicroSurgery Clinic

Best Life Clinic

27 Norton Road,

Stockton on Tees   TS18 2BW

Telephone: 01642 450510

Fax: 01642 450515


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Information about the microdot multilayer procedure.

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