Vasectomy Reversals


Now you can have the best and spread the cost

Take up to 5 years to pay for your state of the art reversal with our new finance package. Example - total fees of £2950, costs over 24 months are £135 per month (APR 9.9% subject to status). Application is simple, takes 10 minutes and is completed over the phone. Please call Barbara on 07715 102608 for details.


Welcome to The Dawson Microsurgery Clinic.

At the Dawson microsurgery clinic we specialise in vasectomy reversals exclusively. To provide the best results in the UK we use the most advanced microsurgical technique (the MMMV), developed by Professor Goldstein at New York’s Cornell University. The MMMV or Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical vasovasostomy is the world’s gold standard procedure. 

The clinic was founded in 1994. Since then we have performed nearly 2000 reversals and have helped to create literally many hundreds of new lives and happy families. Surgeons from the USA and Australia visit us to share skills and learn our techniques. We have many success stories, often achieved when all other options appeared to have failed. No wonder we feature in the national media such as the BBC, Daily Mail and The Times

from consultation to conception

Here are our latest results taken over 6 years and nearly 1000 cases, so you can judge for yourself how successful we are here at Dawson Microsurgery

Years Post
No. Patients
% Success
(positive sperm count)
0-4 141 98.1%    
5-8 380 88.7%    
9-13 208 81.7%    
14-19 155 66.6%    
20-25 64 61.5%    
Overall 948      

We are very happy to discuss the chance of pregnancy for your individual circumstances. Please call us!

But what of the 'treatment experience'? To follow up the success of our procedures, we provide live tests so our patients can see for themselves the results of the microsurgery. This moving quote was made after viewing the results on the video screen

"I never allowed myself to believe that the procedure would work………perhaps because of the constant disappointment we’ve been through over the years. But sitting there, watching the results live on the screen was so overwhelming. I cried…….more out of relief than anything else but also happiness along with a much needed sprinkling of hope! It still gives me a lump in my throat remembering that moment! I’ve had some lovely gifts over the years, but this was by far the best."      LV - November 18.  2015

Use our low cost Vasectomy Reversal advice service

Getting the facts about reversal can be a confusing experience (even amongst doctors!). We will be pleased to help you through the minefield of information and mis-information with honest straightforward guidance. Consultations last up to an hour and offer you authoritative tailor made advice for the whole couple. The fee is just £100. 

FEES - there are no hidden or extra costs at Dawson Microsurgery.

One fee covers procedure and follow up advice for as long as like!

FINANCE - spread the cost of your return to fertility with our finance facility.

All arranged quickly over the phone. For example total fees £2950 costs £135 per month for 24 months (APR 9.9%).

No extras to pay, our fees are £2950 are all inclusive. There is a small supplement for our highly skilled re- do reversal. Please contact the clinic for availability. 

call us on
01429 282800 or 07715 102608

To request our information pack, book a free telephone advice consultation or arrange an in-depth personal consultation with Dr Andrew Dawson. We are easy to reach from all over the UK and abroad.  The direct rail link from London takes less than 3 hours. Two international airports within 30 minutes drive.

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Information about the microdot multilayer procedure.

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