Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

Our vasectomy reversal service using the state of the art technique of Multi layered Microsurgical Vasectomy reversal offers the best possible chance of regaining your fertility and gives the potential to become a dad again.

After the recent retirement of Dr Dawson after a long and successful service, the Dawson Vasectomy reversal clinic and the team  has moved to a new clinic in Stockton and the service is  provided by Mr Manohar Jesuraj, Consultant Urological Surgeon. 

We offer a 'No obligation'  free telephone consultation and you will receive a written summary of your consultation discussing the personalised chances of success and alternatives. After that  it is upto you to decide if the reversal is right for you. 

The whole clinic is dedicated for the reversal service on the days we offer this service with a relaxing room for the partners to stay and the procedure is done under local anaesthetic assisted by conscious sedation. Our patients apreciate this very much and receive  very positive feedback  from patients and partners. Even the most nervous paitents commented that the experience was very good and relaxing. 

We hope to be able to help achieving the dream of becoming a parent again.

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