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On this page is some further reading which you may find usefull if you are planning or considering using the services of Dawsons Microsurgery Clinic.

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Anaesthesia for reversal

 Anaesthesia for reversal at Dawson Microsurgery


Success and pregnancy rates 948 patients. Published 201122nd January 2013


 We examined all the files of Dawson microsurgery patients treated over the last 6 years, focussing in this audit on first time reversals only (ie no previous reversal surgery).In order to ensure we have up to date information we called all patients on their mobile phone, or wrote to them by post or e mail. Those that we could not reach were deemed to be 'lost to follow up' and took no part in this study. As far as pregnancy rates were concerned, we included all couples where the partner was age 40 or under and excluded all couples where the female partner was known to have serious gynaecological problems.  Our definition of pregnancy was positive scan.



Choosing a vasectomy reversal clinic.

Doctors all do their research hen choosing a clinic or doctor. Here is our advice!


Post Vasectomy Pain - cause and cure

Our advice on Post Vasectomy Pain. Definition, cause and treatment. 


Daily Mail : Vasectomies & Reversals Article16th December 2012

A great article about the social changes making men reluctant to get a vasectomy, and using us as an example of vasectomy reversal best practice.


Interpretation of semen analysis results

a view from the reversal perspective


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Successful reversal after 20 years + Ian and Lucia from Scotland started their fertility quest back in 2009....
Hello Andrew (and Barbara). It’s been a while! Hope this finds you well and that you’ve both enjoyed good...
Post vasectomy pain - sometimes far worse than doctors admit. PVP can have a massive impact on mens' lives and...
the 7 steps

Information about the microdot multilayer procedure.

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