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Wonderful News. When Mr H came for reversal though anxious and a prolonged procedure, managed well. Thanks to the Microsurgery and our Team work.


Excellent clinic made me and wife so comfortable from start would highly recommend the clinic had op February and wife is currently 5 weeks pregnant 😀😀 couldn't thank you all enough will send scan picture when we have one x. JH, Liverpool

Wonderful News This couple conceived even before the first test to check the outcome of the reversal. Thanks to advanced microsugery  to be able to perform Vaso-epidydimostomy  and the skills of the whole team. 

Ms KM, Belfast

Hi I just wanted to let you all know we are now 5 weeks pregnant, We had our VR in October 2018. Please tell DR Jesuraj our good news we can't thank him enough and the nurses who looked after my partner Axxx.. We owe our baby's life to Dr Jesuraj he has changed our life's we are eternally grateful. We never did semen tests as we conceived very quickly. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts. We will send photos once baby is here. God bless you all

Great result of pregnancy within two months of the reversal.

4 Oct 2018

Good Morning, I am emailing you because I had an reversal operation on 30 July 18 and have just found out my partner is pregnant. She is 6 weeks so the operation has obviously been a success, thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

 Mr S,  East Anglia

These are the additional free text comments given by some of our patients in the feed back questionnaire


'Staff were extremely professional and very attentive to both our needs’ June 2019

'Staff was as lovely, reassuring and kind’ - July 2019

Everything was great from start to finish very friendly and helpful staff’ - July 2019

“Outstanding service provided from the first phone call, to the greeting received on arrival and care given throughout the procedure” - July 2019

Thankyou to all the staff for looking after us. You are all doing great, keep up the good work ‘- August 2019

Very friendly and helpful staff better than we expected. Made both myself and partner feel at ease. Thankyou’ - August 2019

“Fantastic personal, Surgeon and nurses very helpful and professional throughout Thankyou” - August 2019

“Nothing to improve - everyone was amazing and helpful” - August 2019 - (This was a response to question about areas for improvement in the feedback)

‘The service from all staff was amazing. The care I got while waiting for my partner during his op was amazing. Your all doing such a great job. I really hope and pray this works for us so we can send you all our pictures/scans of our family’ - September 2019

‘Overall experiences excellent. Therefore, no questions for improvements. Nurses are absolutely spot on. Talked to me throughout the process. Best medical experience I ‘ve ever had’ - September 2019

‘Very professional and down to earth, putting you at ease from the moment you walk in the door. Very inclusive with all involved in the information. Thank you’ - September 2019

Free Text comments in our Feedback forms


October 2019

“All the staff were very friendly in making sure we were all ok” October 2019

November 2019

“Swiftness of booking in, information was through and staff all very friendly  - “November 2019

‘Wonderful friendly and caring staff. It was nice to hear professionalism and respect they all maintain towards each other’  - November 2019

‘Wonderful from start to finish’ - November 2019

“All my last-minute apprehensions were put aside once I had the face to face contact with the team and great bed side care, surgery, and attention. Obviously, you all care and I am happy to give verbal recommendations if potential patients need extra confirmation or review”  - November 2019

December 2019

‘Very professional service. Very happy we chose this centre’  -  December 2019

‘The service was impeccable and we were made to feel relaxed about the whole procedure’-  December 2019 

“Very attentive staff and very good service “ -  December 2019


15th March 2020

Dear Mr Jesuraj and staff

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your amazing work. Thanks to you and your team we were able to conceive our beautiful baby boy.  Z……was conceived in February 2019 after my reversal in November 2018. A turn around that is completely unbelievable. This was beyond anything that we could have possibly expected. He was born on 6th December 2019, just 12 months after my reversal. Without your expertise and skill this would not have been possible. 

I was extremely happy with the process from start to end. Everything was dealt with professionally and I would just like to thank you for putting me and my family at ease throughout the process. I would highly recommend your clinic to anybody wishing to undergo this procedure

Mr & Mrs B,

Stoke on Trent

Dear Mr Manohar Jesuraj and team,
You recently gave me a reversal back in November of last year (2019) and I want to write to you with the results of the sperm test as requested.  However, to date I haven’t been for a sperm test as Lxxxxx fell pregnant almost immediately!!  So I just want to say, yes it worked - very well, and also to say a huge thank you to you and the two wonderful nurses who were able to bring me back round after I passed out. You’re all such wonderful people who are able to bring so much joy and happiness to so many people. 
We had our first scan today and it turns out that Lxxxxx  is about 14 weeks pregnant and due to give birth at the beginning of October.
Thank you again and keep up the great work that you all do. 

Kindest regards

Mr C & partner L





Results of the Feedback survey we collect regularly


Question: Overall, How would you rate the treatment/care you receive?

(Rating Options : Rated 1 to 5.   Excellent 1    Very good 2          Good    3    fair 4   Poor 5 )  

 Results:    Excellent 1 = 97%     Good    3 = 3%


Question: Overall, did you feel you were treated with respect and dignity while you were in our care?

(Responses options given: Yes always  /    yes sometimes     /    No)

 Results:  Yes Always = 100%


Question: Would you recommend us to family and friends?

(Options given :  Yes /  No)

Results: Yes 100 %

Feedbacks given by couples who used our Vasectomy Reversal service in 2020. Inpsite of the fact that 2020 was a different year with full of challenges and bad news, we are tremendously encouraged by the resilience of the couples who came to us for our services. You can see the feed backs  of many dozens of couples in this page in their own words. 


Inspite of this year being a difficult year due to Covid 19, we were able to continue our services except the months of April and most of May. We have served a total of  nearly 120 patients this year concluding the procedure on both sides in every one of the patients except two where we concluded on one side. Please see the free text feed back provided by our patients. We have also included the areas of improvement that was commented by few of our patients. We were very grateful for they being candid about their comments that help us to continuously improve the services with our focus on the quality of care and customer experience.

Following are the free text comments given by the couple who came for the reversal in 2020.


January 2020

‘Perfect care from start to finish. Amazing team. Cannot thank Mr Jesuraj, Helen and Wendy enough for care and operation.

'We are very pleased with everything’- 7th January 2020

‘Super team great service. Very professional and supportive Thank you so much’ - 14th January 2020

‘Surgery was painless, hopefully successful (good outcome on the day), staff were lovely and supportive and caring ‘. Mr Jesuraj and all his staff were helpful, informative, supportive and professional. Great experience (though I don’t intend to do it again!)’ - 17TH January 2020

‘Everyone was kind and thoughtful throughout the morning. The receptionist was so attentive and kind, and both of the nurses were reassuring, and kept me (partner) updated at all times, which was really appreciated.’- 22nd January 2020

February   2020

Thanks very much’ 11th February 2020 

‘Thankyou for looking after ….. so well, we felt like he was in really good hands’ 11th February 2020 

‘Everything was perfect’ 14th February 2020

‘All staff were friendly and very helpful’-  14 February 2020

‘Prompt, Efficient, Friendly care’ - 21st February 2020

‘All staff looked after us well. Excellent care and support’


March 2020

‘Making us feel at ease, and reassuring things would be fine’ 6th March 2020

‘10/10 superb experience and lovely kind people ‘ 6th March 2020

‘Well experienced doctor and staff. Thank you for a pleasant and enjoyable time!! Good conversation and for me (the chaperone) comfortable and well-resourced waiting room.  24th March 2020

‘Mr Jesuraj and Nancy bed side manner were top-quality. Everything was talked out and I was well informed ‘17th   March 2020

‘Overall great care throughout’ 20th March 2020

May 2020

“Care, explanation, treatment all way through by everyone, Excellent. Wonderful service all round. Keep it up.”  May 20th 2020

‘Staff look after you, reassured you, nice and friendly. Treatment very well done all explained throughout ‘ - 22nd May 2020

“Communication through COVID-19 /pre/during/post-op Amazing service and staff, Thank you   -  May 26th 2020

‘We received excellent care, Thankyou so much for looking after the both of us so amazingly well. The treatment we received was excellent and hopefully we will be in touch with baby news soon! Thank you all again, you’re all amazing xx’ 29th May 20020

“Brilliant” - 29TH May 2020

June 2020

“The friendliness of all staff made me feel relaxed and welcome and information provided” Clean outside of shop windows, but inside is immaculate ‘5TH June 2020

Our response and action:  “Thank you for your feedback, we have addressed the issues with shop front window dust etc, this was due to the lockdown and shutters being closed for so long, it is now all sorted “Wendy (clinic nurse).

‘Personal service, staff were amazing and kept me relaxed at all times “9th June 2020

“Kind informative considerate, nothing needs improved, Perfect!” 12TH June 2020

“Welcome, calm and brilliant care well explained and lovely team. Virtually pain free “Everything was brilliant from our initial enquiry and throughout. Brilliant care for both of us, we were welcomed, the team were lovely and well equip, clean environment. Thank you so much!”  16TH June 2020

“Respect from the nurses and making sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure “19th June 2020

“All the care was excellent and the toast was fantastic “ -  19TH June 20020

 “Excellent team “19th June 2020 - “Communication and friendliness of all staff “  - 22nd June 2020  

“Thank you for making it easy for me, Excellent care 10/10 “ - 19th June 20-20

“First class care from start to finish, kept informed throughout. Extremely happy. Thank you to all the team! Lovely staff, very attentive and made to feel at ease. Minus the pain, it’s been a pleasure!”  23rd June 2020”

“Experience was perfect in every area, well informed of all aspects and lovely staff throughout “23rd June 2020

“Everything from service/care walking in, to care during and after treatment, Outstanding service Like to thank all the staff for your care, excellent service information before, during and after clearly explained “ “ 26th/ June 2020  

‘Overall professionalism and care. Each step of the process was well explained’ 


July 2020

‘Everyone was brilliant ‘July 3rd 2020

‘Treatment overall from the reception to the surgery staff’.   7th July 2020

‘The service is top class and I do not see how this could be improved; we wish to thank all the staff but especially Amilda She has been excellent ‘7th July 2020

‘Kind and professional staff, explained everything throughout and looked after me and my partner very well, July 14th 2020

‘Patient - Felt at ease and comfortable, and everything explained from start to finish’. As a partner waiting – the experience was excellent from start to finish. I was kept in the loop throughout, and made very comfortable’ July 14th 2020

‘The nurses they were absolutely lovely and professional ‘ 16th July 2020

‘Staff very helpful, always explain what is going. Excellent duty of care ‘20th July 2020

‘Mr Jesuraj and staff are very friendly and comforting. Make you feel reassured and welcoming. Amazing people. ‘21 July 2020

‘Communication prior and during -very friendly’ - 22nd July 2020

‘Care and support were outstanding. Outstanding friendly service, I was put at ease straight away 10 out of 10, Thankyou for all staff for your support, would highly recommend, friendly, supportive staff - ‘24th July 2020

‘Well looked after and kept informed ‘ 28th july 2020

‘Very friendly, helpful and informative’ 31ST July 2020

August 2020

‘Very friendly and polite staff, caring and through throughout the procedure and reassuring ‘4th August 2020

‘I was well informed. The staff were confident attentive and compassionate in every way. I see no immediate room (need)  for improvement’ 7th August 2020

‘Staff have been brilliant and very friendly gave lots of biscuits. Could offer choice of sandwiches. This is a great facility with fantastic staff.

They are friendly and caring’-- 7th August 2020

 ‘Attention to detail ‘11th August 2020

‘Very reassuring, explained everything that was happening clearly, ‘13th August 2020

‘Information provided and treat with respect and dignity very caring staff’ 18th August 2020

‘The very through explanations and info given by each and every member of the team constant updates and reassurance to my partner we really appreciate all your help. The service and care we received has been exceptional and I will highly recommend Bestlife clinic to all I encounter who express interest in vasectomy reversal. My case was not straightforward as my previous vasectomy resulted in complications, but Mr Jesuraj managed these superbly, working around the epididymal injuries I had and connecting the vas to a point in the epididymis that was showing the production of healthy sperms ‘  -  18th August 2020

‘ Best life have been fantastic Partner is very happy with services staff all lovely and friendly put us ease and kept me informed . Excellent ‘ 20 th August 2020


September 2020

‘Things were explained as we progressed, nursing staff exceptionally professional. Helens tea and toast! ‘ - 8th September

‘Kept informed. Good info sent out by e mail, friendly staff ‘ - September 8th

‘Staff are amazing and profession and caring. Made to feel comfortable I was reassured during the whole process, staff were fantastic. No complaints from us – really happy with the whole process’ 11th September 2020

‘Very caring, comprehensive explanation, very welcoming from the Doctor to staff. All polite and respectful’ My husband and I would like to thank Best life clinic for the amazing support and effort they have shown towards us. We will foever be grateful   Thank you Bestlife clinic’ -  15th September 2020

‘Very knowledgeable staff made me feel at ease as I was quite anxious. Really friendly nurses would highly recommend the practise. Great technique used and feel confident with their work’ 22nd Sept 2020

‘My partner is still in the surgery, but I felt at ease throughout. I have been informed of the process. Offered tea and coffee although I am not a patient, I was looked after as well. Thankyou’ - 29TH September 2020

October 2020

‘Being informed of everything you were doing from start to finish really good communication. Very friendly and caring staff ‘2nd October 2020

, Staff fully explained every step with great care. Cannot fault staff they made myself and my partner feel as ease at all times ‘- 6th October 2020

‘The staff are all lovely all very caring. Very informative and kept us updated all the way’ - 13th October 2020

‘Everything was explained every step of the way ‘ - 16.October 2020

‘The experience was amazing and the expertise was felt in the room. Just to say how grateful I am ‘ -  20th October 2020

‘We have been looked after really well. We are really happy with service and staff were lovely’ 23rd October 2020

‘Very satisfied with everything. very well looked after, very professional. Very warm welcoming by all members of staff’ Thank you all ‘ - 23rd October 2020

‘Its been great lovely caring people (better coffee!) - 29TH October 2020

‘We felt fully informed at all stages of the operation, all staff are welcoming and informative. Just want to take this opportunity to say thankyou ‘ - 30th October 2020

‘Overall treatment very good always treated with respect and would recommend to family and friend. Heating was not working for a long time in waiting room got very cold. Proper coffee would have been great ‘30th October 2020  - 

Our Response and Action: Sorry about the heating issue you had in the partner waiting room. Usually that room is ont he warmer side. Had we known we would  have sorted that. Now we proactively look into that on a daily basis when the partners are waiting. We have put a new coffee maker to make filter coffee in the partner's waiting room in addition to our usual Instant coffee (Ness Cafe Gold)

November 2020

'Mr Jesuraj and all the team at Best Life Clinic, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for making …… recent vasectomy reversal procedure the best experience we could have hoped for. From the outset we felt we were both treated with the uttermost respect and dignity. We were kept well informed by all the team and given clear and manageable advice. Throughout the surgery,,,, felt assured that he was in the care of an extremely skilled and professional team, which he may have reflected in his calm demeanour .Much against his nature …. Has been duly following your guidance and I’m happy to report appears to be in good health and recovering well, only suffering bruising and frustration at having to sit still.   Once again, our sincerest Thanks '  - 3rd November 2020

‘Time of waiting prior to procedure could be less. I want to thank all the team you were amazing and professional. Thankyou so much ‘3rd November 2020

Best Life Clinic Response & Action: Apologies for your waiting as the morning procedure took a bit longer:

‘My care was prefect. Brilliant, professional care, made to feel welcome and everything was explained well’ - 12th November 2020

‘The whole process from phone consultation to surgery was clear and straight forward. The experience at the surgery was fantastic. All the staff extremely polite, helpful and supportive. Will definitely recommend to anyone in future requiring a VR. Thankyou for your help ‘-  13th November 2020

‘All went very well. Thankyou !’ You are all amazing and so kind and thoughtful ‘ -  13th November 2020

‘Prefect for me ‘13th November 2020

‘Friendly, professional staff, felt comfortable throughout and put at ease and reassured at all times excellent. - 17th November 2020

‘Very friendly from all members of the team. I was looked after very well whilst waiting for my husband and my husband felt comfortable throughout his procedure would definitely recommend’ 19th November 2020

‘All staff were very helpful and friendly and constantly asking if I was alright. I think it was a great experience ‘In, out professional job not long waiting about' - 20th November 2020

‘The whole process was explained step by step by knowledgeable professionals. The team were amazingly welcoming especially considering we are in the middle of COVID-19 ‘  27TH November 2020 

December 2020

‘It was a very good experience, you are treated as a guest more than a patient, the whole day we were there was 100%   Thankyou again. All Staff’ - 1 December 2020

‘Friendly, clean clinic made to feel comfortable and relaxed, everything explained well, highly recommend’ -  4th December 2020

‘Everyone acted in a professional and friendly way. It was all well-organised’ - 3th December 2020

‘Very efficient friendly practice. Much better experience than the original vasectomy’ 4th December 2020

‘From the initial phone call / consultation Bestlife clinic were amazing, great choice, facilities and care for me and my partner, Great communication made the process very pleasant and easy, very caring and professional staff’ - 8th December 2020

‘Very welcoming and comfortable, procedure carried out with extra care to minimise discomfort and pain, we think everything was prefect. We found this a very positive experience from start to finish. Both of us were looked after perfectly from when we come through the door. Staff very helpful and friendly which helped put our minds at rest! Thankyou’ -  10th December 2020

‘How attentive and lovely everyone was we were made to feel at ease from the start, massive thankyou to everyone’   - 11th December 2020

‘All of you have been very nice and professional. I would not expect better service, Thankyou - 14th December 2020

‘Hi All just wanted to update you and let you know we are now expecting a baby after a vasectomy reversal in October 2019. I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant and wanted to thankyou all for making it happen! You were so great through the operation keeping me informed and …. Had little to no pain after the procedure ‘ 14th December 2020

‘Everyone was very helpful and reassuring, explained everything very well, 10/10 service and made to feel very welcome and comfortable, patient and partner’ - December 15th 2020

‘The whole experience was 5 plus. It was amazing from start to finish ‘15th December 2020

‘The staff treated me with kindness and gave excellent reassurance and regular updates’ I would like to thank every member of the team for giving D-----  and I a chance to have our own children naturally, it means the world’ - 15TH December 2020

‘Excellent service, Thank you!’  17th December 2020 

‘Good evening, I am emailing to say a massive thankyou for the way you looked after me and my partner on Tuesday 15th December. From the moment we arrived we felt welcomed and safe. From reception, to the waiting room, to the pre checks and then the theatre the way we were both looked after was nothing short of amazing. I couldn’t have felt safer and was looked after so well during the procedure. My partner was looked after so well while I was having my procedure so thankyou for that too. There aren’t enough words to convey our gratitude to you all for everything you did for us 

The kindest of regards and thank you so much’ -  17th December 2020

‘Very friendly and professional. We are glad we chose to have treatment with Bestlife Clinic Thankyou to all the staff ‘18th December 2020

‘To improve just more emails with information prior to operation ‘18th December 2020 -

Best Life Clinic Response and Action: We have taken your comment on board and send the pre-operative instructions again a week before the procedure as some do loose the mails if they book well in advance. Thank you.

‘We are very happy with the staff So kind and helpful and helpful and was so supportive from the contact’ - 19th December 2020

‘Fab don’t change a thing’ 19th December 2020

‘5-star service, all staff have the biggest smiles were so welcoming, kind friendly’ 21st December 2020

‘Service was excellent all-round staff were superb ‘ 22nd December 2020 

‘Staff really professional and reassuring, would defo recommend’ - 23rd December 2020


Comments and Reflection from Best Life  Clinic Team 

We all know 2020 was a year with full of challenges and difficult experiences for countless many due to Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions. After closure for six weeks during the intial lock down in April and May, we restarted the services safely. We are glad to report we did not have to cancel anyone due to staff sickness. The year though very tough in many aspects, our team  and our customers were resilient and we pursued to deliver our services. Thankfully, we managed to provide  satisfactory service to everyone  as approved above by  all of our customers. We took any comments about "areas of improvement' seriously and take appropriate action as needed. We thank all couples who used our services this year and wish them well as they await their dream baby  arrivals.  



15th March 2020

Dear Mr. Jesuraj and staff

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your amazing work. Thanks to you and your team we were able to conceive our beautiful baby boy. ……was conceived in February 2019 after my reversal in November 2018. A turn around that is completely unbelievable. This was beyond anything that we could have possibly expected. He was born on 6th December 2019, just 12 months after my reversal. Without your expertise and skill this would not have been possible. 

I was extremely happy with the process from start to end. Everything was dealt with professionally and I would just like to thank you for putting me and my family at ease throughout the process. I would highly recommend your clinic to anybody wishing to undergo this procedure

Good morning,
We hope you are all doing well and keeping safe.  
We thought you would like to hear some good news amongst all the bad at
the moment. Last year in August 2019, my husband came to your clinic to
have a vasectomy reversal after 15+ years since his original operation.
We are over the moon to be able to tell you that I am now 20 weeks
pregnant and our baby is due on 27th   October.
We are so incredibly thankful that you helped make this possible and we
cannot express enough how grateful we are.
Thank you so so much.
Kind regards
Mrs P 



 I just wanted to let you know I had my reversal on the 1st of October 2019 and our baby is due in 5 weeks.  Thank you so much. We are so happy and excited.
Mr B
Our Comments:
Though difficult procedure due to low cut end of the vas where it is thinner, thanks to microsurgery - it worked. 

I just wanted to let you know that my operation was a success a month after it was done as my partner is pregnant
kind regards
Mr G


Dear Mr Jesuraj,

I had a vasectomy reversal on 6th October. 
I just wanted to thank you and your team for doing a fantastic job of my reversal.  Although I’ve not yet had a full semen analysis, my partner -----  has fallen pregnant.
Thanks again for what you have done for us.
Mr and Mrs M



My husband (Mr G ) had a vasectomy reversal in October 2019.  you called me October 2020 to see if we'd had any luck falling pregnant, I'd said no as up until later that day we hadn't, and then that same day you called,  I found out I was pregnant! I am now 19 weeks pregnant and expecting a boy 😊
We absolutely cant believe it and are so excited and grateful.  You made it happen for us.
Thank you again very much
Mr & Mrs G


My partner and I attended your clinic for a reversal in November 2020 and I wanted to let you know for your records that I am now 20 weeks pregnant.

Thank you and best of luck

Kind regards,

Mr and Mrs W.

West Yorkshire

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