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Our Pricing Information for Consultations and Surgical Procedures

Our Multi-layer Microdot Microsurgery procedure, with a duration of up to 4 hours, stands as the most cost-effective choice when juxtaposed with the quicker Single-layer techniques provided by other centres, which last only 90-120 minutes yet incur similar or higher fees. In any surgical intervention, the expenses of theatre and surgeon time represent the most significant costs. We distinguish our services by including vasoepididymostomy simultaneously, at no additional charge, in instances of epididymal blockage—a feature not commonly offered by many UK centres. This elevates our advanced microsurgical vasectomy reversal service to a level of comprehensiveness and excellence that remains unparalleled by many.




Remote Video Consultation £100 Full fee deductible from procedure fee if going ahead with us
Face-to-Face Consultation £240 £100 deductible from procedure fee if going ahead with us
Vasectomy Reversal (First Time) £4100 All-Inclusive fee for Multilayer Vasovasostomy or Vasoepididymostomy
Redo Vasectomy Reversal £4600 All-Inclusive fee for Multilayer Vasovasostomy or Vasoepididymostomy

What is Included in the fee?

Comprehensive Consultation

We offer a thorough consultation on the day of your procedure to keep you informed and comfortable.

Premedication & Anaesthesia

Your comfort is our priority. We provide premedication and local anaesthesia during the procedure.

Procedure Type

Depending on the surgeon's findings, we'll perform either a Vasovasostomy or vasoepididyostomy.

Quality Sutures

For either procedure, we utilize the highest quality sutures designed for vasectomy reversals.

Time Allocation

We set aside up to four hours for our operating theatre and the surgeon's expertise to ensure the best care.

Cost-Effective Service

Our service is among the most competitively priced in the UK, especially considering our unmatched care level. Remarkably, some clinics, even those with procedures under two hours, charge similar or more.

Fluid Sampling & Testing

During the operation, we conduct comprehensive fluid sampling and testing from the vas.

Post-Procedure Care

We provide you with essential discharge medications to aid in your recovery.

Follow-Up Consultations

Benefit from up to four follow-up consultations within a year after the procedure. These can be conducted face-to-face or telephonically to support you throughout your healing journey.

Support for Complications

Should any issues arise post-procedure, our clinic stands ready to provide the necessary support and care.

Why Choose Us Despite the Slightly Higher Cost?

Expertise in Advanced Procedures

We are specialists in multilayer reversal procedures that can extend up to 4 hours.

Bypass Procedure Availability

We offer vasoepididymostomy for blockages at the epididymis level. Without this capability, approximately 20% of reversals might be incomplete.

Rare Service in the UK

Our clinic is among a select few in the UK that provide this level of comprehensive care.

Competitive Fees

While similar services in the US range from $8,000 to $48,000, our rates remain highly competitive.

Value for Time

The most significant cost in surgical procedures is the time—incorporating theatre, surgeon, and staff hours. We commit to using high-quality consumables and specialized sutures to achieve optimal results.

Focused Care

Unlike some clinics that might rush through procedures with multiple patients in one session, we dedicate a full four-hour operating theatre slot exclusively for one patient.

Thorough Approach

We consistently examine both sides during procedures (unless a side is absent for other reasons) and complete both sides in over 98% of cases.

Exceptional Value for Money

Our fees reflect the superior standard and attention to detail we provide in our services.

Choosing us is an investment in quality, precision, and dedicated care.

A bit about us... 

At the Best Life microsurgery clinic, we perform vasectomy reversals regularly, three days a week. To provide the best results in the UK, we use the most advanced microsurgical technique (the MMMV), developed by Professor Goldstein at New York’s Cornell University and a few finer but definite improvements pioneered by Dr Sheldon Marks, from Tuscan, Arizona.  The MMMVV or Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical Vasovasostomy is the world’s gold standard procedure.

If the blockage is upstream at epididymis (Blow-out), we perform Vaso-Epididymostomy, an even more delicate bypass procedure. Not many clinics in the UK take steps to diagnose this blockage and choose the appropriate reversal procedure. Please read our 'Seven Facts about the Reversal' to learn more. 

The service is provided by a dedicated team led by Mr Manohar Jesuraj, the Consultant Urological Surgeon.

Our Mission

At Best Life Clinic, our style and philosophy of care are to put you at the centre of our attention while striving to push towards the new frontiers of excellence in what we do. We fully appreciate that our customers (patients) come from all walks of life and backgrounds. The couples who seek the vasectomy reversal service endure significant strain on their financial, emotional and physical well-being through their journey to regain fertility. We devise our approach and engagement with them in the most courteous and supportive way so that they will have the least overwhelming (described by most of our patients as a bit less than a pleasant experience, as you can see in this feedback link

But they all have a single higher purpose of wanting to have another gift of a 'New Life - The Baby'. Whatever the situation you are coming from, we are here to welcome you and have the privilege of helping you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent again. We assure you that we will put to the full use of all our efforts, expertise and resources in serving you.


Male Sterilisation Reversals – Start your Process Today

Our skilled and experienced reversal specialists are dedicated to providing successful microsurgery operations for our patients. We understand that the information surrounding sterilisation reversals can be confusing, which is why we offer honest guidance to all our patients. We approach every case with understanding and acceptance, regardless of the reason for considering a vasectomy reversal. Our mission is to help patients regain their fertility and achieve outstanding results.

To determine the likelihood of a successful vasectomy reversal, it's important to consider various factors. Our surgeon, Mr Manohar Jesuraj can provide helpful insights during a consultation, which can be conducted remotely via video or in person. To start the process and receive a customised free report (for information only), please complete the questionnaire at the link below.

Start Your Journey to Fatherhood Today

 Initiating the process is simple and won't cost you anything. Fill out the online Questionnaire at the following link. You will receive a free personalised report.

Then, you may book a video consultation to proceed further. We're here to guide you every step of the way, from initial consultation to post-operative care. 

Being fully informed is paramount, and we're here to provide all the information you need. Please click the link below.

Meet Our Expert Surgeon - Mr. Jesuraj;  please click below.



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