Vasectomy Reversal Cost

Vasectomy Reversal Prices


Schedule of fees

 Consultation in the clinic £150. The consultation fee will be reduced from the procedure fee whan you book for the procedure.


Total Procedure Fee

(excludes the future costs of semen tests and  treatments for any complications)

First time Reversal procedure    £2450


Re-do reversal procedure            £2700                    


 Booking procedure

Initial deposit (payable on confirmation of your procedure date)     £450

£  450

Balance: First time (payable 2 weeks prior the appointment).        £2000


Balance: Re-do (payable 2 weeks prior the appointment).             £2250


  Methods of payment:

  • Credit card (No extra cost).

  • Debit card (no extra cost).

  • Building society cheque made payable to ‘Best Life Healthcare Ltc’

  • Bank transfer (BACS) - please contact the clinic for details

Cancellation/deferment policy

We appreciate that your circumstances may change and you may need to delay or cancel your appointment. However cancellation or deferment can seriously disrupt our operating schedule.

Our policy is therefore as follows: 4 weeks or more notification - £300 refund   (£150 administration fee). Less than 4 weeks notification – refund at our discretion if you book another date and pay the full amount. Full terms and conditions will be sent before the booking.



Male Sterilisation Reversals – Start your Process Today

Microsurgery requires a great deal of skill and experience, and all of our patients can be rest assured that all of our reversal specialists are practised, knowledgeable and expertly trained to provide successful operations and outstanding results. We know that the information and facts relating to sterilisation reversals can be quite confusing, and our team provide honest guidance. There are many different reasons why an individual may want to consider a vasectomy reversal, and we treat all of our patients with an accepting attitude, and we aim to focus on the mission at hand; helping patients’ regain their fertility. There are many factors that determine the success of a vasectomy reversal and to give you a good idea of your likelihood speak to our team today. Each and every member of our team is trained in sedation techniques and resuscitation, whilst also holding numerous nursing and degree qualifications. Call us today to book your free Telephone consultation on 01642 939798

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