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Vasectomy Reversal Cost

  • Fee for face to face  consultation     £240 (This fee will be reduced from procedure fee if you go ahead with the procedure)

  • Fee for Vasectomy reversal    £3200  

  • Fee for Re-do vasectomy reversal  £3600 (for failed reversals from other centres)

  • Non- Refundable Deposit required to book a date for the procedure: £600 (This will come off from the total fee)

  • The  fee for face to face consultation will be reduced from the procedure fee if you choose to have the procedure with us. We are the most cost effective for the type of procedure we do  (Multi-layer Microdot Microsurgery - upto 4hours operation)  when compared with other centres that do quicker procedures of Single layer technique lasting  90-120 minutes  who charge similar or more. Theatre and surgeon time is the most expensive parts any any surgical intervention. In the event of any blockage at the epidydimis (by blow out) we do vaso-epidydimostomy at the same time. Not many other centres in the UK provide this ocmprehencive advanced microsurgical vasectomy reversal service.

This fee covers the following
1. Full Consultation on the day or if you had previous face-to-face consultation
2. Sedation and Local anaesthetic
3. Full procedure irrespective of the choice of procedure i.e. Vaso-vasostomy or Vaso-Epididymostomy. We use the most expensive sutures that are designed for vasectomy reversals. We allocate upto four hours of operating and surgeon's time. If this is taken into account, ours is the most cost effective service in the UK. Other clinics which do quick procedures in less than two hours  charge same or more.
4. Multiple sampling and Testing of the seminal fluid from the vas during the operation
5. Discharge Medication to take home
6. Upto four follow up telephone consultation or face to face consultation for twelve months to support you
7. Dealing with any complication by us in our clinic

We have not included the fee for post-operative semen test or any supplements that may be adviced to enhance the sperm quality. Since patients come to us from far away places, they will have to go to a local fertility clinic to check the semen from 12 weeks after the procedure.

Full terms and conditions of the fee will be provided prior to booking a date for the procedure.

Why we are bit more expensive and is it worth spending the extra money?

As you might have read through this website, we provide advanced multilayer reversal that takes upto 4 hours. We also provide the bypass procedure (Vaso-epididymostomy) in the event of blockage upstream at the level of the epidydimis. As far as we know, only one other centre in the UK provides similar standard of service and their fee is more than £6000. The fee for similar  service in the  United states vary from $8000 to $32000. The operating time that includes theatre time, surgeon's time, staff time is the most expensive part of any surgical procedure. We provide expensive consumables and purpose made stitches. Unlike some other notable places where they put three to four patients in a session (as we hear from patients who come to us for redo-procedures) and rush through the operation (some times concluding the procedure on just one side), we allocate a total of four hours (full session) of operating theatre time for one patient. We always explore on both sides (unless one side testis is absent due to other reasons) and complete the procedure on both sides more than 98% of the times. If you take this information  into consideration, our fee is very low for the type of service we provide. 

A bit about us.... 

At the Best Life microsurgery clinic we perform  vasectomy reversals regularly, three days a week. To provide the best results in the UK we use the most advanced microsurgical technique (the MMMV), developed by Professor Goldstein at New York’s Cornell University. The MMMVV or Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical Vasovasostomy is the world’s gold standard procedure. If there is blockage upstream at epididymis (Blow-out), we perform Vaso-Epididymostomy which is even more delicate bypass procedure. Not many clinics  in the Uk takes steps to diagnosethis blocakge and choose the appropriate reversal procedure. To know more about this please read our 'Seven Facts about the Reversal'.

The service is provided by  a very dedicated team led  by Mr Manohar Jesuraj, Consultant Urological surgeon.

Our Mission

At Best Life Clinic, our style and philosophy of care is to put you at the centre of our attention while striving to push towards the new frontiers of Excellence in what we do. We fully appreciate that our customers (patients) come from all walks of lives and backgrounds. But they all have a single higher purpose of wanting to have another gift of a 'New Life - The Baby'. Whatever the situation you are coming from, we are here to welcome you and have the privilege of helping you to achieve your dream of becoming a parent again. We can assure you, we will put to the full use of all our efforts, expertise and resources in serving you.


Male Sterilisation Reversals – Start your Process Today

Microsurgery requires a great deal of skill and experience, and all of our patients can be rest assured that all of our reversal specialists are practised, knowledgeable and expertly trained to provide successful operations and outstanding results. We know that the information and facts relating to sterilisation reversals can be quite confusing, and our team provide honest guidance. There are many different reasons why a man or couple may want to consider a vasectomy reversal, and we treat all of our patients with an accepting attitude, and we aim to focus on the mission at hand; helping patients’ regain their fertility.

There are many factors that determine the success of a vasectomy reversal and to give you a good idea of your likelihood speak to our surgeon today.  You can book a free telephone consultation or arrange a face to face consultation (charge £240) by getting in touch with us today on 01642 939798 or Text us on 07305916901. 


Contact us today  Tel:  01642 939798 
Text:  07984448243

Telephone Consultation

Many of our patients travel from different parts of UK, Ireland and abroad and  prior face to face consultation is not usually  feasible for them. Therefore telephone consultation is the norm for most of our patients. You will have the opportunity to speak to the surgeon Mr Jesuraj directly who will take you through an indepth consultation about your medical back ground to assess your needs and give you a personalised reommendation.  Following the Telephone consultation, you will receive a detailed summary of what was discussed including the personalised chances of success, risks, alternatives and uncertainties. After this you will be able to make a fully informed choice of if and when and where you would want to have your reversal.There is absolutely no obligation to book for the procedure with us and this service is totally free. If you decide to have this consultation, please fill the detailed questionnaire at the link 'Consultation Questionnaire'  that is mandatory prior to the consultation. This will save time during the phone call and also ensure the accuracy of information you are providing to us.


Face to Face Consultation

Those would would like to come for face to face consultation or those patients with complex history especially those patients who desire reversal for pain, we encourage to come for face to face consultation. This will give the surgeon opportunity to  check the length and quality of the remaining  tubes and identify the potential  challenges such as insufficient tubes, blowouts etc.  As Mr Jesuraj performs  both Vaso-vasostomy and Vaso-epididymostomy, he is capable of dealing with these challenges and manage to complete  the reversal on both sides on more than 95% of our patients. The cost of face to face consultation will be £240, though this will be reduced from the procedure cost if you go ahead with the procedure in our clinic. If you decide to have this consultation, please fill the detailed questionnaire that is mandatory prior to the consultation. This will save time during the consultation and also ensure the accuracy of information you are providing to us.


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