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Professor Goldstein at Cornell NY

 This is a very detailed web site covering all aspects of male infertility. Dr Andrew Dawson trained in microsurgery at Cornell University under Professor Goldstein and he regards this department as one of two world leaders in the subject. Dr Dawson occasionally refers his most difficult cases to Prfo Goldstein. 

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Dr Sherman Silber (USA)

 Dr Sherman Silber is an enormously talented microsurgeon who has had a phenomenal career in pioneering male and female fertility surgery.  Dr Andrew Dawson occasionally refers patients to dr Silber. 

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Mike O'Dwyer Photography

 Mike is an outstanding photographer whose pictures bring his subjects to life. Mike is based in outer London but is commissioned to work all over the world.

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Freetimers is our most excellent web design and SEO partner. 

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BBC News

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The Care Quality Commission

The CQC are an independent body who scrutinise medical services and their approval is the patients' guarantee of good quality.

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Halloween night tonight. Definitely treat not trick for mark and Natalie who are really enjoying this pregnancy! https://t.co/a6pJoEvM2i
And another overseas baby. John's original original reversal scarred over so we performed a 're-do' and Elise... https://t.co/9NiQFxNyLq
Another very happy couple.... 'Dear Dr Dawson and team We had to say a HUGE THANK YOU for enabling us to welcome... https://t.co/nRdFC3AzyC
the 7 steps

Information about the microdot multilayer procedure.

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