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Why Choose Best Life?

Why should you choose Best Life Clinic  for your reversal?

We do the Real Microsurgery and You will see it

Our ethos is to provide the best possible service and give you the best possible experience to our patients and achieving best results.  We constantly drive towards excellence.

We are explicitly transparent about what service you would receive and will provide clear verbal and written information freely before you book for the procedure. The type of service we provide is unique and  advanced technique of Microdot Multilayer Microsurgery Vasectomy Reversal(MMMVR) and Microsurgical Vaso epidydimostomy (when needed). Many clinics provide simple procedures under the name of micro-surgery. See our main page to read the details of different types of procedures.  We provide true Microdot  Multilayer  Micro surgey Reversal. We actively look for blockage upstream at the level of epididymis and one out of ten patients  are foudn to have Blow-out or blockage at the level of epididyjmis and require even mode delicate bypass procedure called Vaso-epididymostomy. Looking at the popularity of our services, we have reason to believe some other clinics are promoting their technique as Multilayer technique which is not true. In the real multilayer technique, the inner layer called mucosal layer is separatey connected, then muscle layer and serosal layer and then connecting surrounding tissues. Totally three to four layers of connection is used to achieve the best possible alignment of the openings of the vas ends. Soem clinics are connecting the whole of the vas as one layer and connecitng the surrounding tissues as second layer. If they do not connect the inner layers separately (most difficult and time consuming part), it is not real multilayer surgery. So Beware of the deception.

 As one size doesn't fit all, one type of operation will not be appropriate to every patient. If your surgeon can do only one type of procedure, then you are left to the chance of  you being the right patient for the surgeon's  procedure. It should be other way round, i.e. the surgeon should be able to do the right procedure (or make the procedure right ) for your needs at the time of the operation. We can assure that we do that every time for every patient.

We take more than one sample of the fluid from the end of the vas attached to the testicle and examine under the microscope.  This test helps to diagnose the blow-out and choose the procedure of Vaso-Epidydimostomy rather than Vaso-vasostomy in these situations.Many centres who claim to do high volumes do not do this essential test. But they claim int he website that they do vaso-epididymostomy. Don't hesitate to ask the questions about the numbers and how they decide what procedure to do if they dont test the fluid from the vas.

We give importance to patient and partner experience throughout  the process of reversal. We recognise many of the patients and partners  are very anxious  when contemplating the reversal. We are happy to report, all patients who walk through our doors inpite of their anxiety levels appreciated and reported that they had very good and some times even enjoyable experience through the procedure.

We provide the realistic figures and suggest alternatives if we believe reversal is not the most suitable operation for you.

We have the Experience & Expertise

We routinely perform the procedures on a weekly basis involving the same surgon and dedicated surgical team. Team synergy in our clinic is second to none. We are capapbel of dealing with a range of challenging situations such as loss or damage to lengthy segment of vas, extremely thin or thick vas, disproportionate diameters of the both ends (multilayer technique is very important here), blow-outs that is more prevalent in men who had vasectomy for more than 10 years. We are capable of doing Vaso-vasostomy or Vaso-epididymostomy at the same sitting. i.e. we do the right procedure for you specific need.

Our average operating time is four hours with range from three to five hours. Only by taking this much time, we are able to do the advanced technique that provides the best possible alignment of the vas ends even in the challenging situations mentioned above. We don't rush four or five  procedures in an operating list (though it will more financially rewarding). We heard stories of patients who came for re-do reversal after previous surgery in other places about being the last patient who was rushed in and out with in 90 minutes. We can do only a maximum of two procedures in a day due to the time consuming physically and mentally exacting  nature of  advanced microsurgery reversals.


We have the Equipment and Resources

This is the ‘business end of the Zeiss’s Opmi Vario operating microscope. The magnifying power is up to 26 x through crystal clear optics. Two binocular heads enable the surgeon and the assistant to work together. The focus, magnification and placement have dual controls, either on the Playstation like hand grips or for ‘hands-free’ control, with a foot operated floor unit. This is an absolutely needed piece of giant kit to do the reversal in the most advanced way. We don't use operating microscope as a magnifying loupe as some other reversal surgeons do. To do  a real micro surgery that includes handling of 9-0 or 10-0 sutures which are thinner than the human hair, both the surgeon and the assisatnt needs to work though the microscope.  These sutures and the minute needles cannot be handled by conventional instruments or by hands as some other reversal surgeons do. 
In addition, we use specific  vasectomy reversal sutures (Share-point 10-0 Nylon sutures and Ethilon 10-0)  for the inner-layer which is the crucial part of the procedure.  These sutures are specially made for the multi-layered technique which are expensive and we use specifically designed microsurgical  instruments.

We have the Best Team ( Surgeon and the Team)

Our greatest asset at Best Life Microsurgery is the team. Constantly mentioned and praised in patient feedback  to the clinic. All are specifically trained in sedation techniques, resuscitation as well as holding multiple nursing and degree qualifications. The ultimate credit goes to every member of the team. The kindness and professionalism of our team will be felt throughout your journey with us and in our after support. More importantly check the volumes performed by the surgeon and  his or her qualifications and ensure the surgeon is an accredited urologist holding specialist registration in Urology with the General Medical Council. Our volumes are from 10-18 patients  per month. We have concluded the operation on both sides in  98% of the patients.


So it is upto you to do your research before you choose the clinic to have your reversal. You are paying for this service. So Do not hesitate to ask questions in our page (SEVEN MUST KNOW FACTS)  . If a clinic or the surgeon is hesitant to answer your queries, step back and do further research. 


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