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Male Sterilisation Reversal

Male Sterilisation Reversal Surgery

Welcome to The Best Life Microsurgery Clinic. We are male sterilisation reversal surgery specialists, offering vasectomy reversals to enable couples to have children after sterilisation. We use the most advanced microsurgical technique (the MMMV), developed by Professor Goldstein at New York’s Cornell University. The MMMV, or Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical vasovasostomy, is the world’s gold standard procedure, enabling us to provide the best results in the UK. 

The patency and pregnancy rates are related to time since vasectomy as per established literature and in line with our experience.

Interval (Years) Patency Rate  Pregnancy Rate
Less than 3 97% 75%
3 to 8 88% 50-55%
9 to 14 79% 40-45%
15 to 19 70% 30%
20 or more 40% Less than 10%

Use our free Reverse Male Sterilisation advice service

Getting the facts about reversal can be a confusing experience (even amongst doctors!). We will be pleased to help you through the minefield of information and misinformation with honest, straightforward guidance.

FEES (effective July 2023)

Our all-inclusive fee (first-time surgery) is currently £4100 (VAT exempt), but please contact the clinic for the latest offers and availability. 

For Full information on the cost of our advanced vasectomy reversal services, please click the link below.

Please complete the questionnaire at the link below to request our personalised free clinical report (for information only).


After receiving the clinical report, you may book a  video consultation or arrange an in-depth personal consultation with Mr Manohar Jesuraj for the applicable fee. We are accessible from all over the UK. A direct rail link from London takes less than 3 hours. Two international airports are within a 50-minute drive.

Listen to the detailed overview of our Vasectomy Reversal Service as explained by  Mr Jesuraj

You can start by filling out an online Questionnaire to get your free consultation report.

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