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Barbara pins up another happy family story on our waiting room notice board.We receive new pictures from delighted new parents every week.

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Dr Andrew Dawsonshow

New mum at age 47! 13 years post vasectomy. A remarkable story of persistence and fortitude. Tony came for reversal in 2006 at which time we could only repair one side because the other had been destroyed at vasectomy. Despite this, the sperm count remained high continuously after the operation. This is not always the case as scar tissue can begin to close the connection and the sperm count would have gone down. The value of painstaking exact surgery is that it maximises sperm count and minimises the chance of this scarring happening. As Alex says, she had 5 miscarriages, finally getting pregnant with twins, one of which died in the womb leaving them with Seth. WOW!!

We received this message with a beautiful picture of Seth today (4th April 2011).

To Andrew Dawson and team. Just to let you know we now hav a beautiful son, Seth Anthony Elion., bon 13th March 2011.

Without your expertise in your field, we would not have have our miracle late lamb.

Thank you so much.

PS - Inspiration to others; vasectomy after 13 years. 6 miscarriages including Seth's twin. I had a large fibroid in the uterus. Also I had severe pelvic pain synderome. Both me and my husband are age 47 and Seth was a natural conception. WE DID IT!! Never lose hope!!

Sara Taylor & Paul Cheyneshow

Paul and i are delighted to tell you that we have had a new arrival, a baby boy born on 27th of December 2009 weighing in at 5lbs 12oz.

We have named him Cole, he is absolutely perfect and has made our family complete.  There aren't words to describe how we feel about our bundle of joy, we cant thank you enough.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you. 

Another successful result for your records...

Kind Regards and a huge thank you.

Sara & Paul

FYI - Paul was a one sided reversal from March 2008 so it took just over a year to conceive.
Sara Taylor & Paul Cheyne

Steve and Fionashow

This pregnancy is remarkable. The vasectomy was performed 9 years ago, and the reversal was performed on January 14th 2008, just 8 weeks prior to this e mail. Steve had undergone sperm extraction for IVF (failed) the year prior to reversal which we believe can reduce the chances of reversal success. We share their delight and excitement

hi there just a quick update since i had my reversal in january i was about to go for a sperm count to check everything was working fine when my wife fiona announced that she is a couple of weeks pregnant so i would like to say a massive thankyou to the team and esp. mr dawson as after the ivf had failed last year i thought there would be no chance of fiona ever falling pregnant so many thanks for making our dreams come true by the way everybody was right the op is less painful than the original vasectomy in fact i was feeling so good the day after that i got a bit too energetic and the stitching came away but that was my own fault as i did not take notice of what i was told, by the way what on earth were the drugs you gave as my wife said i never shut up for a good few hours so i apologise if i was talking a lot of rubbish after the op all in all like i said many thanks and the baby is due in november so we will keep you informed steve and fiona.

Martin and Lynnshow

Another great case! Martin is age 60 and Lynn 37. The vasectomy was 24 years previously and conception took 16 months. After a prolonged time, return to a normal sperm count can take up to 8-12 months. Again we are delighted. Chronological age need not be a barrier to enjoying a new family

I thought it might be of interest, and possible benefit to your statistical analysis of reversal outcomes, to hear that I now have the most positive confirmation that the procedure was successful.

We are expecting our first child in July.  We are particularly pleased because we were able to achieve conception without additional medical intervention.

On behalf of my wife and myself I would to thank you most sincerely for enabling us to be in this wonderful position.

Best regards and thanks

Martin and Lynn

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