Reverse Male Sterilization

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Reverse Male Sterilisation or Snip

Reverse Male Sterilization or Snip

We are the Best Life Microsurgery Clinic, specialists in surgically reversing male sterilization. We exclusively offer sterilization (vasectomy or Snip) reversal procedures that allow couples to conceive children following sterilization, by employing the world's most advanced microsurgery techniques (known as MMMV), which were developed by Professor Goldstein of Cornell University in New York. The MMMV procedure (Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical vasovasostomy) is the de facto surgical procedure that enables us to provide the UK's best results.

What are the types of Snip Reversal Operations & How the procedure is chosen at the time of the operation?

Two types of procedures are available to deal with the intentional blockage caused by the vasectomy. If your surgeon or the clinic does not have the skills and resources to do both types of procedures, the reversal will be incomplete in a proportion of men who had late consequences of vasectomy, such as blow-out or blockage upstream at the level of epididymis. Learn more about blow-out.

Vasovasostomy: This means connecting the vas's cut ends (segments). This is the most common reversal procedure needed that carries the best possible outcome. This is done in different ways, as mentioned below. Most UK centers do the first or the second type of operation.

  • Using no operating microscope at all and using bigger stitches with big needles (usually size 6-0 - the larger this number before zero, the finer the stitch and the needle will be)
  • Using the operating microscope as just a magnifier but using the same instruments and type of stitches as above and connecting the tubes in a single layer
  • Advanced Three-layered technique using 10-0 and 9-0 stitches and needles that give perfect alignment and continuity of the tubes, which is the basic principle of a good reversal operation.

Vaso-Epididymostomy: If there is blockage upstream at the level of epididymis due to damage by back pressure called Blow-out, simply connecting the cut ends will not be helpful. The vas must be connected directly to the even more minute tube, epididymis. This is called Vasoepididyostomy. Not many surgeons in the UK take steps to diagnose the blowout and do vasoepididyostomy. You need to check that with the surgeon. The risk of blow-out goes up with every passing year since vasectomy.

What type of snip reversal do we do and why our service is unique in Best Life Clinic?

At Best Life Clinic, we always do the Advanced type of reversal, and when it is necessary, we perform Vasoepididyostomy in usually 2 out of 10 patients who had vasectomies more than ten years before their reversal. This is where we are unique. This is done at an affordable cost though many of our patients commented that we charge very little. We serve patients from different walks of life from many locations in the UK and abroad with different socio-economic backgrounds.

The patency rate and pregnancy rates are related to time since vasectomy as per established literature and our results align with this towards the better side.

Interval (Years) Patency Rate Pregnancy Rate
Less than 3 97% 75%
3 to 8 88% 50-55%
9 to 14 79% 40-45%
15 to 19 70% 30%
20 or more 40% Less than 10%

Listen to the detailed overview of our Vasectomy Reversal Service as explained by  Mr Jesuraj.


To request your personalised report, please complete the online questionnaire at the 'Get Started' link below.  After that, an in-depth personal video consultation with Mr Manohar Jesuraj can be arranged. We are accessible from all over the UK and abroad. A direct rail link from London takes less than 3 hours. Two international airports are within 60 minutes drive.


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