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Reverse Male Sterilization

Reverse Male Sterilization

We are the The Best Life Microsurgery Clinic, specialists in surgically reversing male sterilization. We exclusively offer sterilization (vasectomy) reversal procedures that allow couples to concieve children following sterilization, by employing the World's most advanced microsurgery techniques (known as MMMV), which were developed by Professor Goldstein of Cornell University in New York. The MMMV procedure (Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical vasovasostomy) is the de facto surgical procedure that enables us to provide the UK's best results.  Since 1994, we have successfully carried out in excess of two thousand reversal procedures, which has played a major part in the creation of hundreds of new lives, helping to create many new happy families along the way. We have been very proud to welsome top surgeons from Australia and America, who have shared their skills, knowledge and experience with us, and in-turn, learned from our techniques. 

At the The Best Life Microsurgery Clinic, we can boast numerous success stories which have been achieved after other available options have failed - and have featured prominently in the popular media, including: BBCDaily Mail and The Times

The patency rate and pregnancy rates related to time since vasectomy as per established literature 

Interval (Years) Patency Rate  Pregnancy Rate
Less than 3 97% 75%
3 to 8 88% 50-55%
9 to 14 79% 40-45%
15 to 19 70% 30%
20 or more 40% Less than 10%

Note that we are able to quote PREGNANCY rates here unlike any other clinic in the UK.

But what of the 'treatment experience'? To follow up the success of our procedures, we provide live tests so our patients can see for themselves the results of the microsurgery. This moving quote was made after viewing the results on the video screen

"I never allowed myself to believe that the procedure would work………perhaps because of the constant disappointment we’ve been through over the years. But sitting there, watching the results live on the screen was so overwhelming. I cried…….more out of relief than anything else but also happiness along with a much needed sprinkling of hope! It still gives me a lump in my throat remembering that moment! I’ve had some lovely gifts over the years, but this was by far the best."      LV - November 18.  2011

Take Advantage of our Complementary Reverse Male Sterilization advice

Obtaining all of the facts about reversal can be a confusing experience (even amongst doctors!). We will be pleased to help you through the minefield of information and mis-information with honest straightforward guidance.  

FEES (effective April 24th 2012)

Our all inclusive fee (first time surgery) is currently £2595 (VAT exempt) but please contact the clinic for latest offers and availability. 

Call us on 01429 282800 or 07715 102608 (Anytime)     Call us on 01429 282800 or 07715 102608 (Anytime)

To request our information pack, book a free telephone advice consultation or arrange an in-depth personal consultation with Dr Manohar Jesuraj. We are accessible from all over the UK. Direct rail link from London takes less than 3 hours. Two international airports within 30 minutes drive.

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