Dawson Microsurgery Clinic Consultation



Please call and leave your  message  on 01642 939798. 

  • Telephone consultation
    Many of our patients travel from abroad or far away so that prior face to face consultation is not feasible. Under these circumstances we collect as much relevant information about the patient and give as much counselling as possible over the phone. During the telephone consultation we assess your needs and give personalised reommendation. There is absolutely no obligation. You may decide at your own pace and book an operation appointment with a deposit if you choose to go for vasectomy reversal.

  • Face to Face Consultation.
    We encourage patients to make a consultation visit wherever possible. The main benefit of this from our point of view is that we can check that sufficient tube remains for us to perform the reversal. Unfortunately there is no standard vasectomy technique and some methods destroy most or all of the available vas rendering reversal impossible. Of course most men are suitable for reversal (approximately 95%) but not all. Our assessment may save you the trouble and inconvenience of a wasted procedure. In addition we can offer you an individual, personalised chance of success with your reversal at Dawson Microsurgery. The cost of face to face consultation will be GBP 150, though this will be reduced from the procedure cost if you go ahead with the procedure. 

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