Multi-layer Microdot Vasovasostomy Step 1

the 7 steps

For information about the microdot multilayer procedure. Click on the steps below.

Multi-layer Microdot Vasovasostomy

Step 1

Multi-layer Microdot Vasovasostomy Step 1Introduction – it is natural to think that a reversal is a reversal and that all operations are roughly  the same so it is OK to shop around for the cheapest. So this presentation is to explain why we use the MMMV procedure which takes on average 3 hours to perform using expensive materials and gives the world’s best reversal results.

This is a diagram of the normal vas – a tiny (0.2 mm) sperm channel surrounded in a strong muscle coat and beyond that a layer of connective sinews and blood vessels. The overall diameter is around 2 mm.

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the 7 steps

Information about the microdot multilayer procedure.

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