Is Vasectomy Reversal Right For You?

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Is reversal right for you?

Determining if Vasectomy Reversal is the Right Choice for You

Over time, we've observed that individuals seeking a vasectomy reversal typically fall into one of three categories:

Fertility Restoration: Choosing Between Reversal and IVF

This group primarily consists of individuals who haven't undergone any fertility-related procedures. However, some may have previously tried reversal surgeries or undergone unsuccessful IVF treatments. After a vasectomy, couples face a decision: opt for a reversal or proceed directly with IVF (ICSI). We firmly believe that, for many, reversal should be the primary consideration. A successful reversal offers couples opportunities to conceive naturally. Men with partners aged over 40 should carefully weigh the decision to undergo a reversal, given the biological clock's constraints. IVF might be a more suitable option for some, but many still choose reversal, hoping for a natural conception.

Addressing Post Vasectomy Pain (PVP)

A minority of men experience persistent testicular discomfort, known as PVP, post-vasectomy. There are various underlying causes for testicular pain after vasectomy, and our micro-surgical treatment options aim to address them. For a more detailed understanding, please see the treatment options on our dedicated web page for chronic testicular pain at the link below.

Post Vasectomy Pain Treatment




The Pursuit of Normality: Beware of What You Desire and What We Cannot Assure!

A select group of men undergo reversal to regain the sensation they had pre-vasectomy, believing their intimate experiences have altered post-procedure. It's crucial to understand that while we can perform the reversal, we cannot guarantee the restoration of the exact pre-vasectomy sensation. The procedure's primary aim is the physical reconnection with individual emotional or psychological outcomes.



Special Cases: Considering Reversal After Previous Procedures

1. Post-Previous Reversal:

If your first reversal attempt was unsuccessful, it's worthwhile to contemplate a subsequent reversal, irrespective of the time elapsed since the vasectomy. Instances where an initial, albeit low, sperm count which later depletes to zero, are particularly promising. In such cases, the initial connection might have developed scar tissue. The primary approach is to remove the scar and meticulously create a fresh microsurgical vas connection. 

2. After Undergoing IVF:

Embarking on a reversal after In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) presents outcomes more promising than we had anticipated a few years ago. Typically, before IVF, sperm extraction from the testis, often through PESA (where a needle extracts sperm from the epididymis), is necessary. This process can inadvertently obstruct sperm flow, creating a man-made impediment. Nevertheless, emerging evidence suggests that PESA is less detrimental than previously believed, making reversal a viable option in many cases.

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