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Male Fertility Specialists: Helping You Regain Fertility

The Best Life Microsurgery Clinic offers a unique style and philosophy of care, putting you at the centre of our attention. We specialise in vasectomy reversals, utilizing the most advanced microsurgical technique to help men restore fertility – the MMMV or Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical Vasovasostomy, developed by Professor Goldstein at New York’s Cornell University. It’s renowned as the world's gold standard procedure, and our dedicated team has performed hundreds of reversals, contributing to the creation of many new lives and happy families.

Vasectomy surgery serves as a form of contraception. However, situations can change, and as more men are finding out, you do have the option to reverse this procedure. Success rates vary due to factors such as the time since your vasectomy was performed. However, the operation is successful in more than 80% of men who had the reversal within up to 10 years after vasectomy. Even if the vasectomy was done more than ten years ago, there is still a worthwhile chance of success. Our clinic also performs the more advanced procedure of vasoepididymostomy for patients with blockage of the minute tubes of the epididymis (called Blow-out), offering hope in those circumstances.

Would You Like to Speak to Our Team of Vasectomy Reversal Specialists?

Certain factors contribute to a successful reversal, and we provide extensive information on our website. However, understanding the facts about reversals can be a confusing experience, even among those in the medical profession.  We can guide you through the maze of facts and misinformation with honest guidance relevant to your situation.

We also offer a free 'no-obligation' online consultation report and then can arrange a video or face-to-face consultation (for a fee) to discuss your needs and assess your situation as thoroughly as possible. We then send you a summary of your consultation and other relevant information, allowing you to carefully consider our feedback and choose your next course of action.

Listen to the detailed overview of our Vasectomy Reversal Service as explained by  Mr Jesuraj.

Why Should I Choose the Best Life Microsurgery Clinic?

We specialize in special cases, including re-do reversals, failed IVF, post-vasectomy pain, and long post-vasectomy intervals. Our clinic actively looks for any evidence of blow-out by carefully examining the fluid from the vas attached to the testis and examining it under the microscope to choose the appropriate procedure based on this expert assessment.

As far as we have seen, we are the only clinic openly stating that we perform the true multilayer technique of Reversal and perform vasoepididymostomy if needed, which takes three to four hours to complete. Patients who had failed reversals elsewhere are often astonished at how different our services are compared to their previous experiences, where they were operated on as the fourth or fifth patient in a short time frame. These patients often had no information about the presence or absence of sperm in the fluid at the time of the previous procedure.

Whether your goal is to become a first-time dad or a parent again, we assure you that we will put in the effort, expertise, and resources to serve you best. You can learn more about our reversal service on our website, including the features that make a successful reversal. If you have any questions or want to discuss your situation with a team member, please do not hesitate to call us at 01642 450510, text us at 07984448243, or email us at


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