Multi Layer Microdot Vasovasostomy Step 5

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Multi-layer Microdot Vasovasostomy

Step 5

The Multi layer microdot reversal (MMMV) was developed by professor Goldstein in New York’s Cornell University to improve the pregnancy rates of reversals and make them as free from scarring as humanly possible. Results from Professor Goldstein’s trial of this method show that he has a 99.7% success rate with this technique and pregnancy rate of well over 50%. Dr Andrew Dawson learned the procedure in New York and has practiced it with over 300 cases since  the year 2000, achieving 98% success rates and pregnancy rates of up 63%.

Multi-layer Microdot Vasovasostomy Step 5

Here is how it works. Of course the dimensions of the vas are so small that special instruments have been developed for our use. First microscopic 6 ink dots are placed on the ends of the vas to be joined, each the same distance from the skin of the sperm channel. Next, a single micro stitch a needle on each end is placed through each of the 6 dots and the stitch tied together. This joins together the skin layer of the vas very accurately, opening up the narrow end of the vas and gently narrowing the wide testicular end resulting in a smooth, step-free join that is wide open allowing the maximum number of high quality sperms to pass through. Because there are no rough edges in the join, it is rare for scar tissue and closure to form.

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the 7 steps

Information about the microdot multilayer procedure.

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