Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

Vasectomy Reversal Clinic

Our vasectomy reversal service is unique and not offered by many surgeons in the UK. We are doing  the state of the art technique of Multi layered Microsurgical Vasectomy reversal that offers the best possible chance of regaining your fertility and gives the potential to become a dad again. Vasectomy reversals are done in various ways around the country. Apart from us and one or two other surgeons, no one is explicitly clear about what procedure they are  doing. We are absolutely transparent about what you will be getting depending on your individual situation. You will get a detailed summary of the ' free, No obligation' telephone consultation that will contain your personalised chances of sucess and detailed information about the options, risks and alternatives. After the procedeure you will be leaving with a type written operation summary of what happened during the procedure. It is a pity when patients come to us for redo-reversal after previous failed reversal from other places, they dont have any clue about what type of procedure was done and was there any sperms in the fluid checed during the operation (many places they dont even chek that important parameter).

So it is important you need to ask the following questions

1. What procedure the surgeon will be doing. Not all 'micro-surgery' same. Multilayered vasectomy reversal takes atleast three to four hours in average and soem times even longer if vaso-epididymostomy is necessary. It is not possible for a surgeon to offer this in a private hospital for the price we are offering. There are stories from patients when they come for re-do reversal, they were done as 6th patient at the end of the operating list within hour and half. We wonder what kind of reversal operation would that be?

2. Do they check the fluid from the testicular end of the vas (the cut end attached to the testicle) under microscope. This is an essential  step of the operation as it is one of the main parameters that is helpful to identify the probable Blow-out. That helps to choose the type of procedure one would need either Vaso-vasostomy or vaso-epididymostomy.

3. Is there a dedicated team doing the procedure? In our set up we are tremendously privileged  to have a dedicated team of same staff members working with the consultant surgeon that gives a syncronised synergy during the whole process of care during the reversal. Patients appreciate that process very much.

4. How many procedures are done by the surgeon in the clinic or hospital? The Vaso-vsostomy study group research done in the 1990s recommended a critical volume of atleast 12 per year. In the modern micro-surgical practice,atleast 6 or more  per month  is preferable. Be weary of those claiming 100s of procedures every year while they are holding full time consultant post in another hospital. It is impossible to do those numbers doing this technique that we are doing. We do a maximum of only two patients in an operating  day and we have four to five operating days in a month. . 

So do your your research and ask questions. Don't delay . Please call us first. Even if you don't come to us, it is better you hear what we have to say. We offer a 'No obligation'  free telephone consultation and you will receive a written summary of your consultation discussing the personalised chances of success and alternatives. After that it is upto you to decide if the reversal is right for you. 

We hope to be able to help achieving the dream of becoming a parent again.

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