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Meet Mr Manohar Jesuraj, an experienced Consultant Urologist and director of Best Life Clinic located in Stockton on Tees. He previously served as the Lead Consultant Urologist at the University Hospital of North Tees, demonstrating his leadership and expertise until February 2019. Mr Jesuraj currently provides top-quality urology services at private hospitals throughout the Tees Valley region, working closely with NHS and private sector colleagues. His extensive knowledge and experience in Urology are unparalleled, and he specializes in the specific areas given his sub-speciality interests. He firmly believes that maintaining high standards of care requires ongoing support and collaboration from other colleagues and putting patients at the heart of all we do as healthcare professionals.

Subspecialty Interests

  • Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal:

Mr Jesuraj is skilled in performing the Advanced Multilayered Vasovasostomy (MMVV) Technique and Vasoepididymostomy (VE) for men seeking reversal procedures. As of July 2023, he has successfully operated on nearly 650 men, totalling almost 1300 Multi-layer VV or VE procedures. Please click the provided box for more detailed information about his vasectomy services.          


  • Listen to the detailed overview of our Vasectomy Reversal Service as explained by  Mr Jesuraj.

  • Microsurgical scrotal procedures for Varicocele and Testicular pain

Mr Jesuraj is passionate about helping men who suffer from the challenging condition of chronic testicular pain, even though many other specialists avoid treating these patients. He uses a variety of tools and techniques to combat this debilitating condition and bring relief to men. If you want to learn more about his services for post-vasectomy and chronic testicular pain, click the box below for an in-depth read.

  • Bladder dysfunction & Female Incontinence
  • Benign prostatic diseases and Inflammatory conditions affecting the bladder


After completing his initial medical qualification (MBBS) in India, Mr Jesuraj completed highly intense assessments conducted by various institutions and faculties in the UK and Ireland, acquiring the following qualifications.

MBBS - Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery - India 1991

FRCS - Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - 1996

FRCS Urol - Intercollegiate (UK& Ireland) Board Examination in Urology - 2007

FEBU - Fellow of European Board of Urology - 2010

Diploma in Clinical Education, University of New Castle - 2009

Diploma in Business Administration, University of Wales - 2011

 Professional Memberships 

Mr Jesuraj is an active member of the following professional organisations and is committed to Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)  through the opportunities offered by these membership organisations.

  • British Association of Urological Surgeons
  • European Association of Urology
  • American Urological Association
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • North East England Urological Society
  • British Medical Association

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