What Is A Vasectomy Reversal?

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What is Vasectomy Reversal and Who is Suitable for It

What is Vasectomy Reversal?

This is the operation performed for men to regain fertility after previous vasectomy (Snip). Though men undergo vasectomy with the intention of achieving permanent contraception, due to changing life’s situations, six percent of men regret their decision and some of them prefer to undergo reversal operation.

What is the Gold Standard Technique and why is that necessary?

Over the years surgeons have tried many techniques to reverse vasectomy, these include insertion of plastic pipes (stents), protein glue, and laser guided stitching etc. But trials have shown that the goldstandard procedure is reconstruction of this living tube with microsurgery.

We offer ‘state of the art’ Vasectomy Reversal service by advanced microsurgery technique called ‘ Microdot Multi-layer Micro surgical Vaso-Vasostomy (MMMV)’ developed by Professor Goldstein at New York's Connell University. Please see the seven steps of the procedure at the bottom of the page.

In selected patients, where there is a blockage of the tiny tube called epidydimis due to rupture from back pressure after vasectomy (called ‘Blow out’) we perform Vaso-epididymostomy (even more delicate and complex procedure than vaso-vasostomy)

The inside diameter of the vas is just 0.2-0.4mm, so infinite care and microscopic stitches that do not obstruct the flow of sperms are required to make a reconnection that will be as close to the original as possible. Preserving the patency of the ultra minute lumen of the vas is the essence of the procedure. This can be only achieved by highly skilled and Experienced team and specialist equipment.

Who is suitable for vasectomy reversal?

First of all – let us say that we treat all patients with the same non judgmental attitude. We accept that when you chose to have a vasectomy you did so with the best of intentions and in the belief that under the circumstances you made the correct decision for you at that time. Personal circumstances change and we are simply here to help you regain your fertility.

What sort of men have a vasectomy reversal?

The patients cover a range in age from 24 to 54 , and interestingly there are as many in the 38-54 age bracket as there are in the 28-37 years old bracket. Approximately 88 % of patients have formed a new relationship and wish to consolidate this with a child between them, 10% of patients just decide they just want to change their minds and want more children (usually as they become better off or their children grow up and are less demanding). The remainder just feel dissatisfied with their vasectomy or have post vasectomy pain syndrome and wish to be returned to ‘normal’.

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