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The glossary provides brief definitions and explanations of terms used on the website or procedure. The terms describe terminology and the medical information that they refer to. If you cannot find the term you are looking for, please contact us so that we can answer your questions.

  • Goldstandard

    A term adopted by the medical profession denoting the very best technique ever described for any particular procedure. The technique which all doctors should aspire to perform.

  • Granuloma

    A swelling on the cut end of the vas, usually pea-size and shape but can be smaller or larger and lozenge shaped. Granulomata occur within days of vasectomy and are caused by imperfect closure of the vas leading to leakage of sperm. The body's reaction is to form a scar to contain the irritant fluid. Granulomas act as a pressure release valve, minimising back pressure on the epididymis, preventing "blow-out".

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