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Welcome to Best Life Vasectomy Reversal Clinic: Excellence in Microsurgery

Welcome to the Best Life Microsurgery Clinic, a leading hub for advanced microsurgical treatments in the scrotum. Renowned nationally and internationally, we specialise in reversing vasectomy, enabling countless men to embrace the joy of becoming dads again. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide state-of-the-art solutions for those seeking to navigate the journey of fathering after vasectomy. Dive into our comprehensive resources and discover how we can assist you in reclaiming this vital aspect of life.

Our Global Footprint:

Spanning continents, Best Life Microsurgery Clinic has earned patients’ trust from the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, the US, Dubai, Africa and Singapore. This widespread confidence in our services is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our deep-rooted dedication to ensuring the well-being of every individual who walks through our doors. Wherever you are, know that our expertise is here to guide and support your journey.

Our Specialized Services:

1. Advanced Microsurgery Vasectomy or Snip Reversal - A scientifically-backed procedure to regain fertility.

2. Microsurgical Treatments for Scrotal Pain - A testament to our commitment to improving the quality of life for a small proportion of men who would develop pain in the scrotum due to vasectomy and other causes.

3. Microsurgical Treatment for Other Scrotal Conditions - Comprehensive care, including treatments for varicocele.

Our Commitment to You:

We prioritise patient care and informed decision-making at Best Life Microsurgery. Our advanced techniques reflect our commitment to medical excellence, setting us apart from many other UK centres. Our free online consultation is designed to provide clarity and guidance. For those seeking a more in-depth discussion, we offer video or in-person consultations for a fee, which will be adjusted against the surgery cost if you proceed.

Listen to the Surgeon for a comprehensive Overview of the Vasectomy Reversal Operation to Regain Fertility.




Understanding Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal at Best Life Microsurgery Clinic is more than surgery—it's the art of restoring fertility. We expertly reconnect the sperm pathway, allowing for natural conception. We use advanced techniques to focus on precision and have high success rates, helping many look forward to parenthood again.

Types of Reversal Operations

Men who request vasectomy reversal operation to regain their fertility may require one of the two methods mentioned below depending on the integrity of the delicate conducting coils of tubes called epididymis between the outlet of the testis and the starting of the vas.


Vasovasostomy - A procedure that reconnects the vas segments if there are sperms at the cut ends of vasectomy.

Vasoepididymostomy - A specialized procedure for cases with blockages in the epididymis. At Best Life Clinic, we ensure that patients receive the most appropriate treatment based on their unique medical history and needs. We endeavour to diagnose epididymis blockages by checking multiple fluid samples from the vas for sperm or sperm products.

Various Methods of Vasectomy Reversals in the UK

Despite well-established best practices and standards of care, there remains a notable disparity in the quality of vasectomy reversal procedures across various centres in the UK. While some clinics adhere to the highest benchmarks, ensuring optimal patient outcomes, others may not consistently meet these standards. This inconsistency can be attributed to various factors, including differences in surgical expertise, equipment quality, and adopting the latest techniques. As a result, patients seeking vasectomy reversals might encounter varied levels of care and outcomes depending on their choice of centre. Please read below to learn about different standards of care.

  1. Reversal without an Operating Microscope - A basic foundational method that is not the standard of care any more. However, some surgeons who do the reversals occasionally still use this method.
  2. Reversal using an Operating Microscope but Larger Needles - A blend of basic methods and the use of an operating microscope. In this method, the surgeons still use the thicker stitches with the help of better magnification by an operating microscope.
  3. The Gold Standard: Advanced Multilayer Microsurgery using an Operating Microscope with Extreme Precision and Care: The pinnacle of vasectomy reversal techniques is using an operating microscope combined with advanced multilayer microsurgery. This approach is globally recognised as the gold standard for its precision and high success rates.

Key Features of the Gold Standard Technique

  1. Meticulous Stitching: The procedure employs ultra-fine 10-0 or 9-0 stitches, ensuring precision and minimizing tissue damage.
  2. Focus on Inner Layers: Special attention is given to the vas's inner layers, the mucosal layer. Connecting these layers separately ensures the minute connection site openings remain well-aligned and functional (patent).
  3. Addressing Challenges: The inner layer can sometimes appear collapsed during the procedure, with the opening's diameter between 0.2-0.4mm. The multilayer technique is adept at handling such challenges, ensuring optimal alignment.
  4. Historical Significance: The journey to perfecting this technique has seen significant milestones. In 1977, surgeons Silber and Owen introduced a two-layer technique, dramatically improving success rates from a mere 40% to an impressive 90%. Professor Goldstein from Cornell University in New York refined the method by building on this foundation. He introduced the Microdot Multilayer Microsurgical Vasovasostomy (MMMV), which has since been hailed as the global gold standard for vasectomy reversals.

The MMMV technique is not just about reconnecting tubes; it's about meticulous layering. Connecting tubes with three or more layers ensures perfect alignment, even when faced with challenges like tubes of varying diameters or extremely thin tubes. Choosing the gold standard means opting for a procedure that combines historical expertise with modern innovation. It's about ensuring the best possible outcome and giving patients the highest chance of regaining fertility. This technique's heart is a commitment to precision, expertise, and patient well-being.

For a deeper understanding, we recommend our informative blog, "Do the technique and the type of sutures matter in vasectomy reversal?"

Right Choice to Father a Child after a Vasectomy: Vasectomy Reversal or IVF?

At Best Life Microsurgery Clinic, our primary commitment is to our patient’s well-being and best interests. We firmly believe in providing genuine guidance, which means we will never steer men towards a vasectomy reversal if it isn't the most appropriate choice for their unique circumstances. Conversely, we've encountered numerous couples who, despite having a higher likelihood of success with vasectomy reversal, were not informed about this alternative by their fertility clinics. Instead, they were directed towards IVF.

Please read the information in the following table to decide if the vasectomy reversal is best for you in your journey to fathering a child again

Factor Vasectomy Reversal IVF
Success Rates 40% - 90%, depending on the time since vasectomy and the surgeon's expertise. Success is measured by the presence of sperm in semen, not pregnancy rates. Success is measured as pregnancy rate, which is 20% - 40% per cycle, influenced by the woman's age and sperm quality.
Cost One-time surgical fee, with potential additional costs for redo procedures or IVF if unsuccessful. Typically higher, especially if multiple cycles are required.
Procedure and Recovery Surgical operation with a recovery period. If successful, natural conception is possible. Involves several steps: hormone injections, egg retrieval, sperm extraction, and embryo implantation.
Time to Pregnancy It may take several months for sperm to appear in ejaculate after surgery. Conception happens in the lab, with the possibility of achieving pregnancy shortly after embryo implantation.
Other Considerations Suitable for couples wanting multiple children without time constraints on the female partner's reproductive span (ideally younger than 35 years). Recommended if there are female fertility issues or genetic disorder concerns, as it allows for genetic screening.

Choosing the Right Clinic for Vasectomy Reversal

When considering a vasectomy reversal, selecting the right clinic is crucial and can significantly influence the outcome and your journey to fatherhood. Be well-informed by diving deep into our website's material to understand each procedure's nuances, required expertise, and potential outcomes.

Aspect Considerations
Expertise and Experience Choose clinics with specialised urologists with a proven track record and regular experience in microsurgery reversals. 
CQC Registration Verify that the clinic is registered with the CQC as a distinct service provider. Our 'Best Life Clinic' registration can be viewed here.
Success Rates Look for clinics with high success rates, which often reflect expertise and proficiency in vasectomy reversals. Also, beware of the clinics or surgeons who don't take patients after five years since the vasectomy. Our average length since vasectomy is 18 years, and our overall success rate is 85% patency. 
Advanced Techniques and Equipment Opt for clinics employing the latest microsurgical techniques and equipped with modern facilities, including an operating microscope, special microsurgical instruments and a stable nursing team. 
Patient Testimonials Consider reviews and testimonials for insights into patient experiences and satisfaction levels. Please see the link for our TESTIMONIALS and link for FEEDBACKS collected by an independent service, Doctify.
Personalised Care and Support Choose clinics offering personalised treatment plans and comprehensive post-operative care to guide you through recovery and further management. We choose the operation individually on each side depending on the findings during the operation. We have the ability to choose the correct operation tailor-made for you rather than using the same operation and expecting you to be the right patient for the operation. 
Transparency in Consultation Ensure the clinic provides upfront information about costs, risks, and realistic outcomes during the consultation process. You will receive all written information that will be reinforced more than once to you verbally during your journey with us.
Ethical Practices The clinic should prioritise patient well-being over profits and avoid pushing unnecessary treatments. At Best Life Clinic, We understand that this process is very costly, both emotionally and financially, for both partners. Therefore, we take this very seriously and do everything possible to make the process as least stressful as possible. Interestingly, many of our patients commented that the process was comfortable and even enjoyable, though we don't claim that!!

In conclusion, while deciding to undergo a vasectomy reversal is a personal decision, choosing the right clinic is paramount. Take your time, conduct thorough research, and ask questions. Your path to fatherhood deserves the best possible start.

Why Choose the Best Life Clinic? Our Unique Offerings Speak for Themselves

At Best Life Clinic, we offer procedures, assurance, precision, and a commitment to your well-being. Here's what sets us apart:

Advanced Multilayer Reversal Expertise:
We specialise in the Advanced Multilayer reversal, a meticulous procedure that, while time-consuming, ensures the highest probability of a successful outcome. Our dedication to this intricate procedure underscores our commitment to providing you with the best possible care.

Dedicated Operating Theatre Time:
Unlike many clinics that might rush through procedures, we allocate a generous four hours of operating theatre time exclusively for you. This ensures that no step is hurried, every detail is attended to, and the procedure is executed precisely.

Vasoepididymostomy Capabilities:
Our expertise doesn't end with vasectomy reversals. We recognise that one in five men who approach us for a reversal requires a bypass procedure (Vasoepididymostomy) due to blockages at the epididymis (known as "blowout"). We are fully equipped, both in terms of skills and resources, to perform this procedure in the same sitting, ensuring comprehensive care.

Tailored Approach at Best Life Clinic:
We firmly believe medical procedures should adapt to the patient, not vice versa. At Best Life Clinic, our surgeons have specialised skills and resources to tailor the procedure to your needs. Whether you're facing challenges like lost or damaged vas segments, thin vas, varying vas diameters, or blowouts, our team is prepared to address them precisely. At Best Life Clinic, we believe in individualised care. Every patient is unique, and we ensure our procedures are tailored to meet and exceed your needs. With us, you're not just another patient but a valued individual deserving of the highest quality care.

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Listen to the Surgeon for a comprehensive Overview of the Vasectomy Reversal Operation to Regain Fertility.


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Cost of Vasectomy Reversal

Our comprehensive fee covers all aspects of the procedure. Depending on the specific requirements identified during the operation, we offer Multilayer Vasovasostomy, Vasoepididymostomy, or a combination of both. This fee covers Three follow-up consultations and advice for up to one year. Please refer to the ‘Cost’ link in the heading above for full details.
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