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Why Dawson?


Our ethos is to provide the best possible service and give best possible experience to our patients and achieving best results.  Our patients are at the centre of our attention. We constantly drive towards excellence which is a moving target.


We routinely perform the procedures on a weekly basis involving the same surgon and dedicated surgical team.Team synergy in our clinic is second to none.    



This is the ‘business end of the Zeiss’s Opmi Vario operating microscope. The magnifying power is up to 26 x through crystal clear optics. Two binocular heads enable the surgeon and the assistant to work together. The focus, magnification and placement have dual controls, either on the Playstation like hand grips or for ‘hands-free’ control, with a foot operated floor unit. A significant investment  but necessary because the better the image the better the control and the outcome.
In addition, we use specific (Sharpoint) vasectomy reversal sutures and professor Goldstein’s specific surgical instruments.


Our greatest asset at Dawson Microsurgery is  the team. Constantly mentioned and praised in patient feedback  to the clinic. All are specifically trained in sedation techniques, resuscitation as well as holding multiple nursing and degree qualifications. The ultimate credit goes to every member of the team. 


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Information about the microdot multilayer procedure.

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