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Case Studies

Father of two 17 years post vasectomy

Paul (age 46, vasectomy 14 years previously)) and Kirsten (age 38) from SW London first came to see me for reversal in January 2006. Kirsten had been enjoying a hectic social life and not noticed the ticking of the biological clock until she met Paul who had two adorable children from a previous marriage. Their local urologist doubted that he could make the reversal work and gave the couple just a 20% chance of success. An assement here at Dawson Microsurgery showed that we could offer them a 70% chance of return to fertility. The op. was on January 30th. It was uncomplicated and Paul was back at work after just 4 days.  Paul did not need to put do the routine tests afterwards as Kirsten was pregnant - a baby boy (John) born on January 1st 2007!

A sister for John. 

When John was 2 years old, Kirsten (now age 41) began to get broody again but failed to fall pregnant as she had done the first time. Tests showed that Paul's sperm count had reduced and the sperms were less active than before, due to a narrowing at the previous connection site. We recommended re-doing the reversal to open up restore Paul's previous fertility. This we did on February 8th and we received this brief e mail in early October

Hi Barbara

I did mean to get tested but Kirsten fell pregnant almost straight away, and this has slipped my mind. Baby girl due Nov 23 (2010)

regards Paul.

Our Comment

Clearly Paul is getting used to our surgery being successful! We often hear it said amongst our medical colleagues and from patients that the chances of reversal after ten years are very slim. There almost appears to be a view that up until 10 years the chances are OK then they drop like a stone at 10 years +. The reality is that there is a gradual decline with every year that goes by after the vasectomy but there definitely is no 10 year barrier! The chances reduce by approximately 2% per year so the majority of men can become fertile even after 20 years. A man's age is not important, it is only the duration of vasectomy that counts.

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