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Why Dawson?

It is tempting to regard an operation as an operation and shop for it as you may do for ordinary commodities, basing your choice on price only. Across the country the standard of surgery for common NHS procedures is good and the results are much the same wherever you go. However, with reversal technique is so important that minor differences make major differences to outcome. The inaccurate placement of even one suture can result in closure of the connection and failure of the reversal.

Surgeons everywhere are specialising and super-specialising in a very narrow part of their surgical field. It is well recognised that a centre performing many cases of a single procedures will have superior results to units that have a wide mix of cases.

Super-specialising is our philosophy at Dawson Microsurgery. We only perform vasectomy reversal, every working day. We have the training, experience, equipment and dedicated staff to produce world class results.


Dr Dawson was trained in Advanced Microsurgery by Professor Li at New York’s Cornell University in 2000. Using the operating microscope requires special skills and there is no better to centre in which to learn than Professor Goldstein’s department of Urological Microsurgery in New York.
Professor Philip Li was our guest here in the UK in 2006 for a follow up visit, spending time in Dr Dawson’s operating room. Dr. Li wrote after his visit:

"In the past 5 years you done an outstanding job of promoting our microsurgical techniques of vasectomy reversal with microdot precise suture placement method, and become an icon of good vasectomy reversal practice in Europe".

We continue our close relationship with Cornell to stay at the forefront of medical advances.


EquipementHere at Dawson Microsurgery we perform over 200 reversals per year, more than 1300 over the last 10 years. Experience in depth, which is unrivalled anywhere in Europe.


This is the ‘business end of the Zeiss’s Opmi Vario operating microscope. The magnifying power is up to 26 x through crystal clear optics. Two binocular heads enable the surgeon and the assistant to work together. The focus, magnification and placement have dual controls, either on the Playstation like hand grips or for ‘hands-free’ control, with a foot operated floor unit. A significant investment (around the same cost as a new Bentley) but necessary because the better the image the better the control and the outcome.
In addition, we use specific (Sharpoint) vasectomy reversal sutures and professor Goldstein’s specific surgical instruments.


Our greatest asset at Dawson Microsurgery, the team. Constantly mentioned and praised in thank-you letters to the clinic. All are specifically trained in sedation techniques, resuscitation as well as holding multiple nursing and degree qualifications.

The Team


55% pregnancy rate and 95.5 % patency are reported for 315 consecutive patients who underwent reversal in 2002-2004 with scope for pregnancy in many more. Since 2007 we have developed a sophisticated database which will show patency rate rising to 98% in 2006-7. We continue to learn from experience and aim for improvement.

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