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1. Review of 946 cases over 6 years practice.

Click here to see our table of success and pregnancy rates in a long term review of nearly 1000 consecutive cases treated here at Dawson Microsurgery

2. Review of outcomes in over 300 patients.

These statistics are based on a review of 315 consecutive cases. In each case the surgeon was Dr Dawson and they attended the clinic between September 2002 and February 2004.
Graph to show time since vasectomy
The figures include first time reversals and re-do reversals (of which 5% had undergone previous surgery in another clinic). In common with every other reversal service we have difficulty in contacting our former patients, usually because they have moved away or changed phone numbers etc. Whilst many couples are keen to share happy news of pregnancy and results, many do not let us know their outcomes. So this survey is the result of detailed follow up.

Headline rates are; overall patency 95.5% patency and 55% pregnancy.

Success rates are dependent on the time since the original vasectomy with the risk of suffering ‘blow-out’ (so not able to benefit from reversal) increasing by 2 % per year after the vasectomy. In this survey the commonest post vasectomy interval was 5 years with a range of 1-30 years.

Graph (right) to show time since vasectomy (horizontal axis) against numbers of patients (vertical axis).

In detail the results are as follows

 315 consecutive reversal patients
Total Nos No.Blow-Out Eligible For follow up Untraceable - Lost to
Followed Up Pregnant Actively Trying to conceive Infertile - Female problems Fail
315 49 226 59 207 114 52 ;30 11

Overall results in graphic form

Overall results in graphic form

In graphic form – analysis of outcome all 315 patients

analysis of outcome all 315 patients


  • Pregnant includes all pregnancies over 12 weeks gestation
  • Trying to conceive includes all those without female fertility problems and a positive sperm count who may still report a pregnancy.
  • Failed includes all those who had a positive finding of sperms at operation (ie no blow out) and whose sperm count subsequently proved negative.
  • Female factor infertility includes those who no longer are in a relationship and those with fertility problems such as endometriosis etc.
  • Lost to follow-up includes all who have had a positive initial sperm count but whom we are unable to reach by phone letter or e mail.

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