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Consultations– What’s Included?


When it’s possible, we  always encourages consultations and this is because it gives our team the opportunity to see if our patients are suitable for vasectomy reversals. Approximately 95% of men are able to proceed with a vasectomy reversal but we don’t want to see our patients suffer the inconvenience of a wasted procedure.

A typical consultation will include a discussion about microsurgery and the techniques we use; while there will also be counselling and an examination that allows us to see whether the sufficient tube remains for us to perform the reversal.

An appointment can then be made for your operation, yet it’s important to know that there is no standard vasectomy technique, so it’s important to acquire relevant information from our patients in their consultation. We can then offer you a personalised chance of success.

For overseas patients or patients coming from distant places where consultations are not always possible, we offer an examination that’s immediately followed by an operation, but there is always a slim chance that a patient is not able to proceed on the day.

The fee for face to face consultation is £150. This will be reduced from the procedure costs if you decide to go ahead with the procedure with us.

we also offer free no obligation Telephone consultations to discuss your needs and options and you can be booked for the procedure if  both of us are satisfied that it is the right option for you. Usually we send a summary of consultation and other documents and you may decide at your own choice. The telephone consultation is completely free.

Our patient Co-ordinator  Mrs. Barbara Temple is available weekdays to offer preliminary advice and arrange bookings for consultations. You can contact  her on 01642 939798.


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