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Totally amazed and delighted beyond words2nd December 2013

‘Totally amazed and delighted beyond words ‘

We just have to share this lovely story with you all. Wayne came for reversal 2 years ago when has was 10 years post vasectomy. The operation involved extra work to overcome a granuloma lump attached to the vas but Wayne’s sperm count shot up to over 70 million per ml. soon after the reversal. This is what they said nearly 2 years to the day after the Dawson Microsurgery reversal.

Hi Barbara/Dr Dawson (in an e mail dated November 26 2013)

From Wayne

We thought we should send you a little update...We have just had our second child within 2 years, a little boy; Ethan (12th Nov) and we are totally amazed and delighted beyond words. It is all thanks to Dr Dawson and his team back on 3rd November 2011 that this has all been possible and we are forever grateful! I have enclosed a little photo for you to include in our file update.

Many thanks again and we wish you all a very merry Christmas. 

And from Kirsty

Yes we never dreamt it would be possible for us to have one, but to have two beautiful children within 2 years is absolutely amazing! "You must be insane" is what everyone says but we are over the moon. We always tell everyone that it is thanks only to Dr Dawson (and the people who gave us the money through our wedding gifts) that have made it all possible.

To look into the eyes of my children is a dream which I never thought I would live out but with every passing day, I am ever more grateful that we choose Dr Dawson's skills and made the trip to his clinic.




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