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Sunday Times Article on Vasectomies featuring The Dawson Microsurgery Clinic26th June 2014

We were approached by a Sunday Times journalist interested in understanding what may be the downside of vasectomy. She approached Dawson Microsurgery as we have long experience and understanding of the men who seek reversal because is has changed their lives for the worse. The commonest complaints are of testicular pain and aching anytime after the 'snip' and dissatisfaction with ex after the procedure. These men feel strongly that the sensation of sex has completely changes as a result of the vasectomy and seek our advice.

We agree with them, that whilst the vast majority of men notice no change after vasectomy, a significant minority do. We are happy to talk through any such problems with individuals. 

Sunday Times Article on Vasectomies featuring The Dawson Microsurgery Clinic


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