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Suitability for Vasectomy Reversals

Fortunately, most are suitable for vasectomy reversals (approximately 95%), but it’s important to have an initial consultation beforehand. The Dawson Microsurgery Clinic always encourages patients to visit and it gives us the opportunity to check that the sufficient tube remains for our surgeons to perform the reversal.

Our experienced assessment can save patents time and effort, but in cases where a pre-examination is not possible (such as out of town or overseas patients), we collect as much information as we can over the telephone. We then offer a ‘one-stop’ consultation and operation appointment with an enhanced deposit.

Our pre-op physical examinations include an assessment of the work necessary to repair the tube (vas), an estimation of the diameter and positioning of the vas, as well as ease of access. We also check each patient’s general health, while a consultation also includes an explanation on the factors of a successful operation, a review of research and literature for a reversal and a video of an operation taking place.

Our only aim is to help our patients regain their fertility and the first stage is contacting our clinic manager for preliminary advice and consultation bookings. For more information call us on 01429 282800.

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